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TMJ is an abbreviation for the Temporo-Mandibular Joint, or the jaw joint, which we use every time we eat, swallow and talk.


An injury to your TMJ can cause numerous complaints including headaches, ringing in the ears and even neck, shoulder and upper back pain, however because these complaints can be attributed to any number of conditions, many people will put up with the pain and very rarely will the problem be diagnosed correctly.

We have many years expertise in TMJ treatment and our dentists are able to diagnose and treat the condition. We place emphasis on education and make our patients aware of the various symptoms that can arise from a TMJ problem. We feel that it is important for TMJ patients to learn as much as possible about the joint and its problems when seeking care. By booking a consultation and speaking to one of our dentists we can then assess the extent of the problem and begin the most suitable course of treatment.

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